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Mr Jeff Barnes

Director of New Ventures

Jeff, a University of Colorado graduate in Chemical Engineering, has over 35 years of experience in the offshore upstream oil & gas sector and is responsible within the ODE Group for developing and coordinating new business ventures across all company regions, working closely with ODE's Regional Directors.

Jeff had a successful career working for ConocoPhillips in the UK for the past 30 years, having worked for Texaco in the US before that. Over these years, Jeff was responsible for the successful completion of many offshore projects comprising of minimum facilities wellhead platforms, infrastructure expansion including compression & accommodation platforms, subsea tie-backs and pipelines in primarily the Southern Sector of the North Sea. Many of these projects used standardised design approaches to achieve cost efficiency and project deliverability targets. In addition, Jeff has been involved with commercial coordination, conceptual engineering, appraisal planning, northern sector oil modification projects, onshore oil developments in southern England and continental US and petroleum engineering.