About Us


ODE Asset Management, part of the DORIS Group, is committed to maintaining the highest professional, ethical and moral standards throughout its business and takes a zero-tolerance approach to any forms of modern slavery, bribery or corruption.

Our ethical principles can be encompassed in six simple principles:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, local regulations and best practices
  • Establish a core culture of integrity and reject any form of corruption
  • Behave fairly, with honesty and integrity, honouring all commitments
  • Respect others without discrimination
  • Contribute to a positive working environment
  • As much as possible, reduce any negative impact on the environment and society.

Every employee and individual working on ODE AM’s behalf is expected to adhere to DORIS Group’s Code of Conduct at all times and is encouraged to share any concerns they may have regarding the Code’s implementation and/or a breach of the Code, anonymously if they wish, without fear of retribution, in accordance with the DORIS Whistleblowing policy.