About Us


As part of the DORIS Group, our commitment to the environment and society are firmly embedded in our culture and we are driven to create a robust and resilient world that puts sustainability at its heart.

ODE is committed to minimising waste, pollution and any other environmental impact that arises from our activities.

Across our operations:

  • Where practical, measures are put in place to protect, preserve and, when achievable, enhance our natural habitats. We are proud to be able to advise clients on nature inclusive designs for both new and existing developments across the energy sector. We are committed to the life cycle thinking of a circular economy approach; this allows us to deliver outstanding results that are sustainable whilst continuing to drive our progress towards net zero.
  • We understand the significance of the supply chain and we actively seek to work with clients who possess sound environmental policies.
  • We are always looking for new, innovative ways to create genuine progress towards net zero. We combine traditional engineering with new and emerging technologies to provide cutting-edge advancements within the energy sector.

OSPAR Public Statement 2022