Private: Case Studies

Katy Safety, Hazard and Risk Management Studies

Discipline: Technical Safety & Risk Management
Client: ConocoPhillips


Location: UK Southern North Sea

ConocoPhillips’ Katy Field is located in the Southern Sector of the UK North Sea, approximately 14km Northeast of the Murdoch platfom. First gas was achieved in January 2013. The platform is a normally unattended installation (NUI), remotely controlled from the Murdoch complex.

The design of the Katy Platform was subjected to a programme of safety and reliability analysis and assessments in order to identify and minimise any hazards which could affect the safety of personnel and the integrity of the installation. The design process incorporated a safety philosophy with the objectives of:

  • Providing a safe working environment for personnel
  • Minimising potential hazardous occurrences
  • Avoiding exposure to potential hazards
  • Containing and minimising the effects of hazards
  • Providing a means of escape from hazards
  • Incorporating relevant safety systems or safety procedures in the design or operating instructions.

In addition, and integrated within the design function, a series of analyses were performed to assess the adequacy of the design to ensure that the necessary levels of safety and reliability were achieved or improved upon. The principal aims of these analyses were to carry out detailed design analysis to identify hazards and assess risk.

SLP was contracted by ConocoPhillips to design, build and load out the Katy Platform Jacket and Topsides destined for the Southern sector of the North Sea. ODE was the designated Safety Consultancy Group on this project and held responsibility for carrying out all safety-related activities related in support of the detailed design. ODE also had to oversee safety engineering-related activities regarding the Design Notification and Production Safety Case Submissions which were presented to the regulator acting on behalf of ConocoPhillips.

ODE maintained full responsibility for:

  • Design Notification Submission
  • QRA & PFEER Studies
  • Fire and Explosion Analysis
  • Human factors Study & Noise Analysis
  • RAM Study
  • SIL Determination Analysis
  • Production Safety Case Submission

ODE also reviewed:

  • Safety Layouts
  • Fire and Gas