Coronavirus Statement

26th March, 2020

From this week onwards, ODE will be operating  exclusively on a working-from-home basis in response to COVID19, reacting to government advice and guidelines, and prioritising the wellbeing and safety of our company.

During this period of working from home, ODE business will continue as usual. You can still get in touch with us through phone, email or Skype with key information available on our website; contact-specific details can also be found in email footers. Receptions are being remotely manned with work telephones redirecting to personal phones to ensure we function as closely to normal as possible.

ODE remains committed to delivering a high-quality service in complete alignment with our clients’ objectives in spite of global events. True flexibility as a company is demonstrated in uncertain and challenging times and we maintain our commitment to be a dependable and innovative service provider for the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors.

In order to continue to meet our company vision and our responsibilities to our clients, our IT department in conjunction with senior management has worked tirelessly to ensure as seamless a transition as possible. Such a transition prevents any delay or impact on project work for our clients and provides as stable an environment as possible for our employees. From project team group-chats to company-wide bulletins, we are ensuring that communication is clear and coherent.

For ongoing updates on ODE’s status, please visit