International Women in Engineering Day 2021 – Juliana Butler

28th June, 2021

In recognition of the International Women in Engineering Day campaign run by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), we spoke to Juliana Butler, a Consents and Compliance Manager at ODE, about her work in the engineering industry.

Has there been a project or piece of work you were involved in that you feel particularly proud of?

Yes, I was tremendously proud to have been the person who stood in front of the board of directors of a major utility company and successfully persuaded them to put environmental issues at the forefront of the construction activities of a Round One offshore wind farm. In doing so, I gained the offshore team a great reputation with the regulators and our stakeholders.

How does your work contribute to the running of the industry and wider society?

Right now, my work is absolutely key to the success of the offshore oil, gas and renewables industry. Not only do I ensure that our industry operates within the standards required of us, but I am part of a team that will influence the evolution of clean sustainable business models. Being able to effect biodiversity increase whilst operating a demonstrably sustainable business model is not only the key to growth and future success but is the best possible way to reduce business risk. It is also a way in which to effect meaningful societal benefit and, as such, is an incredibly exciting and pivotal time to be in this business.