Kamose Development – Technical Paper

14th February, 2019

ODE North Africa LLC (ODENA) made a made a technical presentation at the Egypt Petroleum Show in Cairo on the 12th February. The presentation was given by ODENA’s Technical Manager, Ayman Elbolok and featured the offshore Mediterranean Kamose field development, for which ODE is the design contractor. The development located in 30m water depth comprises a self-installing and re-usable offshore gas production platform (jack-up barge). The wellheads and export gas line are located on an adjacent but interconnected, wellhead mini-platform which is supported by the well conductors alone. The conductors and wellhead mini-platform are installed by the jack-up barge crane, therefore negating the requirement for heavy lift crane barges and construction of a conventional jacket.

In the age of relatively low gas prices and uncertain futures, the establishment of a self-installing and most importantly, re-usable offshore gas production asset, provides new opportunities for shallow water short production life gas fields, that may otherwise remain un-developed.