ODE Asset Management rolls out the Survitec Halo Passenger Lifejacket

6th February, 2024

ODE Asset Management is pleased to roll out the Survitec Halo Passenger lifejacket this month across its helicopter operations in the UK Southern North Sea.  The Halo lifejacket will be paired with Survitec 1000 series passenger suit and the latest sMRT AU10-HT AIS Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).

The Halo Passenger lifejacket features an Emergency Breathing System (EBS) that is 43% lighter than previous Survitec models and 30% lighter than equivalent competing products without compromising safety. It provides 80% more breathable air than the industry minimum standard.

Marc Gater, ODE AM’s Logistics Manager commented “We are really pleased to be amongst the first in the UK SNS to commit to using this lifejacket. It offers our staff and visitors enhanced comfort during offshore transits and will contribute up to 5% additional payload capacity per helicopter flight, supporting optimised passenger occupancy, reduced fuel burn and reduced emissions.