Specialist Areas

Process Studies

process studies

ODE provides a full range of process engineering and flow assurance skills, complementing all elements of the company’s work portfolio.

During the early feasibility and concept selection and evaluation phases of a project, process modelling is crucial to establish field development scenarios taking into account flowing conditions from wellhead through to end receiver, gas and oil production envelopes, export characteristics, etc. thereby establishing processing requirements.

Process engineering is not limited to hydrocarbon systems and ODE also has considerable experience in water injection facilities and produced water treatment.

The company has experience with all important process simulation software such as:

  • Pipeflo
  • PipeSim
  • FlareNet
  • Flaresim
  • OLGA

Examples of the types of services provided include:

  • Facilities process modelling
  • Emergency and controlled blowdown design and analysis
  • Process optimisation
  • Overall system simulation modelling
  • Reservoir delivery optimisation
  • Oil / gas / water separation analysis
  • Gas dehydration and sweetening
  • Hydrate management
  • Compression optimisation
  • Gas treatment
  • Wax mobilisation
  • Gas to liquids conversion (GTL)
  • Pipeline steady state flow analysis
  • Pipeline transient state flow analysis
  • Slugging analysis